2021 HCWH SOUTHEAST ASIA REPORT | Amplifying the voice of healthcare amidst the climate crisis and a pandemic

2019 up to 2021 was a challenging series of years for the health and climate movement in Southeast Asia. It not only gave birth to a pandemic, but it set off a formidable intertwined social, environmental, political and economic crises that countries in the region are still trying to survive.

The twin disaster that is the COVID-19 and the preexisting climate crisis highlighted the numerous vulnerabilities within our region’s healthcare systems, emergency response, governance, and disaster preparedness. It has most especially underlined that our health and safety (including the planet’s) must be at the front and center of both response and recovery.

For these reasons and despite the fact that almost a 100% of our work was channeled through online means, Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) in Southeast Asia was still able to mount campaigns and programs geared towards a healthy and equitable recovery in terms of accelerating the reduction of healthcare greenhouse gas emissions, building greater health system resilience, protecting people from the health impacts of biomedical waste, and reducing the social and environmental footprint of health care’s supply chain.


In this 2-year organizational report, discover how we overcame the challenges posed by the pandemic and continued to build a network of leaders in the healthcare sector, in the academe, in parliamentary halls and communities and consolidating their voices against the climate crisis and future pandemics.