ASIA ADVISORY COUNCIL WEBINAR | Covid-19 Vaccine, Sustainability and Equity

The AAC webinar series is part of the bigger goal of HCWH to frame COVID recovery efforts from the perspective of sustainability and resilience in healthcare. It tackles key issues specifically climate change and its impact to health, and integrating recovery solutions to climate actions focusing on resilience, mitigation, and mobilization of healthcare leadership.

The second webinar, set on April 8, 2021 will discuss the COVID-19  vaccine in Asia from the perspective of equity and sustainability.  Sustainability concerns are on vaccine waste including single use plastic, energy consumption in refrigeration and storage, transportation, and carbon footprint in the supply chain. In this webinar, the vaccine waste and its management is the focus. Equity here means that the vaccine is being made accessible to the most threatened and vulnerable groups regardless of their social status, economic condition and political alliances. The best practices in providing better vaccine accessibility for those worse-off people across the region will be presented by GGHH members of HCWH.      

The objectives of the Webinar are as follows:

  1. To share learnings and best practices from vaccine campaigns in the region, focusing on availability, access and protection of healthcare workers
  2. To address the equity of vaccine campaigns by presenting the best practices from our members of Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network or their observations if there aren't direct first-hand lessons.
  3. To illustrate good practices and policies of medical waste management that mitigate potential environmental harm resulting from swift and massive vaccination campaigns.

"No country will be safe until all countries are safe...the unfettered production and supply of the [Covid-19] Vaccine to all who need it across the world should be absolutely important." -- Prof. K. Srinath Reddy, President, Public Health Foundation of India