GGHH ASIA JOINS THE #ZeroWaste2018 Celebrations

Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Asia joins the #ZeroWaste2018 Celebrations in the Philippines!


Medical services restore health and save lives. But what about the waste these operations produce and their by-products?

The Philippines has a long history of working on health care waste and documenting best practices. The same goes with other Zero-Waste advocates that has long layed the groundwork that will educate about the health and environmental impacts of waste, waste incineration and include this in national policy discussions. 

The issue on waste in general is an issue of public health and environmental justice. More so with health care waste. Now it is not just about listing down hospital waste or how to properly manage medical waste -- but how to take out the stigma of the public with hospital waste.

85% of medical waste are made up of paper and plastic; the same with households and even hotels! Meaning, it can be repurposed once properly treated. And when we say treated or managed, we mean non-incineration methods. Did you know that the Philippines is the only country in the world that completely banned waste incineration? (we are meant to keep it that way despite recent political changes)


January is Zero Waste month in the Philippines and GGHH Asia joined two events in collaboration with Ecowaste Coalition, GAIA Asia Pacific and Mother Earth Foundation in order to educate the public that aside from advancing Zero Waste Cities, it is also important to include Sustainable Health Care Waste Management in the narrative for a genuine waste solution.


This was during the 3-Day Ecowaste Management Exhibit led by the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Quezon City


The #ZeroWasteConferenceAndFair2018 led by the Ecowaste Coalition in which HCWH Asia participated in and also in celebration of the anniversary of the Republic Act of 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act 


Engr. Barsaga of Philippine Heart Center's Engineering Department sharing the best practices of PHC in terms of solid and health care waste management. PHC is a member of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network in Asia. (Photo credit: Daniel Alejandre of Ecowaste Coalition)




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