GGHH | Healthcare Waste Management Orientation in Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center

Last February 23, 2018 Health Care Without Harm Asia and the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals team visited the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center to conduct a Sustainable Healthcare Waste Management Orientation for the various staff and departments of the hospital in Pampanga, Philippines. 


Faye Ferrer, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Coordinator for Asia


The orientation was attended by no less than 100 people coming from the Housekeeping department, Administration, Management office as well as the nurses and the doctors of Calcutta Medical Center. 

Topics on Ways to properly and sustainably manage health care waste was discussed as well as the Healthcare Waste Management Manual of the Department of Health (DOH) and best practices of other GGHH Hospitals in Asia. 


Engr. IV Jose Barsaga of the Philippine Heart Center


Moresa Tolibas-Reyes, Sustainability Officer of Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Asia


It was noted by our speakers that plastic being the major source of waste pollution can be really hard to do away with, because it has been in our lifestyle for so long. But by learning the impacts it has on the public's health and the patients in hospitals most especially, bit by bit, it can be eliminated. 




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