GGHH | A Collection of Sustainable Initiatives & Best Practices of Hospitals in Asia

This compendium entitled Sustainability in Action, is a collection of the best practices from various hospitals around Asia and other countries. It is a product of years of learning, execution, trials, hard work and faithful application of what is advisable and sustainable for the peoples’ health and the planet and is a working document that’s available for updating based on the changing times and the changing climate.

Through this document, the leadership of the health care sector is given the focus and recognition in order to usher in a broader and more strengthened collaboration towards greener health care and a healthier environment; and by showcasing their best systems and applications, every innovator from the sector are given the proper acknowledgement. More importantly, to have an accessible guideline and concrete examples for others to learn from and accommodate.


The topics in this compendium varies from 10 GGHH Sustainable Goals such as Leadership, Waste, Water, Energy and so much more.

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