Launched in 2015 at the Paris Climate Conference, the Health Care Climate Challenge is a Health Care Without Harm initiative to mobilize health care institutions around the world to play a leadership role in addressing climate change.

In particular to Asia, the most vulnerable sectors and communities are the ones who are greatly affected by the health hazards and environmental impacts of climate change. 


Health Care Without Harm understands and advocates that Climate Change is a Public Health issue; that is why the role of the health care sector as vehicles of planetary and health change is recognized especially in this campaign.

Last June 2018, HCWH together with its Global Green and Healthy Hospitals program, re-launched a much better and more engaging Health Care Climate Challenge to educate and mobilize the health sector as leaders in climate action.

Today more than 160 institutions representing the interests of over 14,000 hospitals and health centers from more than 24 countries, have joined the Health Care Climate Challenge and committed to taking meaningful action.

To know more about the Challenge and how to join, please visit or send us an email at