HIRING | ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit Technical Consultant


The Climate-Smart Health Care - Cooling Energy Monitoring, and Audits and Demonstration Project is looking for a consultant who will perform three (3) cooling energy audits similar to an ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit in 3 hospitals in the Philippines. The audit should focus on (1) cooling and air conditioning equipment, in addition to providing (2) an overview of the energy consumption of the hospitals and establish the equivalent emissions of greenhouse gases derived from the energy consumption of the facilities in general and of the cooling and air conditioning equipment.
The audit is expected to identify the potential that each one of the hospitals has for the implementation of measures of energy efficiency (EE) in cooling and air conditioning equipment, as well as an analysis in general of the EE implementation potential in relation to the thermal performance of the building. Those interested should submit a work proposal specifying:

- Text description of the scope of the audit

- Schedule and schedule of the audit and delivery of reports.

- Equipment that will be used for the execution of the audits.

- Details of the work team that will participate in the development of the audit including:

a.    Name, surname, brief description of professional career and CV of the members (no more than 4 pages).

b.    Background of works of similar scope.

Economic proposals should be quoted in Philippine pesos NET of applicable taxes. For the execution of the three audits, the TOTAL cost must not exceed PHP 400,000.00 in all cases.

All proposals shall be Proposals must be sent to richard@no-harm.org and joyce@no-harm.org until June 14, 2019.

For inquiries about the terms of reference of this consultancy, write to richard@no-harm.org