Green Hospitals Asia Conference is a biennial gathering of hospitals, health organizations, and health systems in the region to learn from one another's experiences and discuss the most pressing environmental health and sustainability issues in health care. Not to mention, the vast opportunity for all participants to earn new networks and partnerships that will put together a more sustainable healthcare for all. 


Organized by Health Care Without Harm Asia's Global Green and Healthy Hospitals program, the conference has been held in various cities in Asia: Manila (Philippines), Seoul (South Korea), Yogyakarta (Indonesia) and Taipei (Taiwan) with the support of our different partners in these countries.

The Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) Network is a worldwide community of hospitals, health care systems, and organizations dedicated to reducing the ecological footprint of health care operations, in order to promote environmental and public health.  The Network is based on members' commitment to implement the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Agenda by developing more sustainable practices and by measuring progress over time. The GGHH community shares solutions and best practices.

GGHH is a project of Health Care Without Harm.


Highlights from Previous Conferences

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