SAICM & KEMI - Tools & Resources


     Science Resources

·         Health Care Action Kit

·         Failure of Current Chemical Policy — and Better Solutions

·         Green Chemistry

·         Chemical Exposure and Occupational Hazards

·         Chemical Safety, Substitution and Management Training for Health Workers

          Choosing Alternatives to Pesticides

·         Choosing Greener Cleaners

·         Choosing Safer Disinfectants

·         Reducing Fragrance Exposures

          Chemicals Substitution and Management in the Health Sector Report



SAICM & KEMI Web Resources

SAICM – The website of the agency committed to minimizing the adverse effects of chemicals on the health of populations and the environment.

Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management: SAICM texts and resolutions of the International Conference on Chemicals Management

KemI – The official site of the Swedish governmental authority. The agency works to control the use of chemicals, and prevent its spread into the environment.

European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) – Includes info on how the EU is implementing groundbreaking chemicals legislation for the benefit of human health.