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Philippines Measles Eradication Campaign (PMEC) 

Read-up on PMEC here. For more in-depth informaiton about the ground-breaking campaign, read:

Mercury-Free Health Care

Pictures of change: Our public Service Announcements 

First, Do No Harm – VJ Judah Paolo opens the call to medical professionals to shun the use of mercury in health care. 

Make the Switch – VJ Judah Paolo talks about the dangers of mercury in health care and the environment.

Have A Heart – Some heartfelt words from actor/director Albert Martinez on how he became part of the campaign to phase-out mercury in health care. 

General Resources

Dealing With Mercury Spills


Model Policies

Reports, Articles, and Guides

Local Resources


Guidelines issued by India’s Central Government in May 2010 to phase-out mercury containing equipment from all government-run hospitals

Delhi plan to phase-out mercury based medical devices in hospitals under its jurisdiction


National policy to phase-out mercury thermometers

South Korea

Elimination of PVC from IV bags in South Korea

Dealing With Mercury Spills

This video on safe disposal of spilled mercury was produced HCWH's Strategic Partner in South Asia, Toxics Link.


Mercury Free Health Care, A WHO-HCWH Global Initiative

UNEP Mercury Programme

Zero Mercury Working Group

Model Policies

WHO Policy on Mercury in Health Care

Argentina: Resolution of the Minister of Health

Buenos Aires: Declaration on Mercury-Free Health Care

European Union: Ban on Sale of Mercury-Measuring Instruments

Johannesburg: Declaration on Mercury-Free Health Care

Manilla: Declaration on Mercury-Free Health Care

New Delhi: Declaration on Mercury-Free Health Care

Philippines: Dept. of Health Administrative Order

Philippines: Dept. Interior and Local Government Memorandum

Reports, Articles, and Guides

Toward the Tipping Point: WHO-HCWH Global Initiative to Substitute Mercury-Based Medical Devices in Health Care. A Two-Year Progress Report

The End of an Era: The Phase Out of Mercury Blood Pressure Devices in the United States

The Global Movement for Mercury-Free Health Care Report

Report of the Southeast Asia Conference on Mercury in Health Care

World Medical Journal article on Mercury-Free Health Care

WHO: Affordable Technology: Blood Pressure Measuring Devices for Low Resource Settings

Lurking Menace: Mercury in the Health-Care Sector

Mercury-Free Blood Pressure Measurement Equipment: Experiences in the Swedish Health Care Sector

Guide to Mercury-Free Alternatives in Southeast Asia

World Medical Association Statement on Reducing the Global Burden of Mercur

SAICM & KEMI Resources 

 SAICM – The website of the agency committed to minimizing the adverse effects of chemicals on the health of populations and the environment.

Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management: SAICM texts and resolutions of the International Conference on Chemicals Management

KemI – The official site of the Swedish governmental authority. The agency works to control the use of chemicals, and prevent its spread into the environment.

European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) – Includes info on how the EU is implementing groundbreaking chemicals legislation for the benefit of human health.