IN THE NEWS | ‘Air pollution is a problem that is not easy to see’ — expert

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ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION Studies Laboratory (EPSL) founding head Mylene G. Cayetano has called on the health care sector to take a more active role in addressing the ‘invisible killer’ that is air pollution. “Air pollution is a problem that is not easy to see. Oftentimes, the threat/harm is not perceived important and immediate, because our naked eye cannot see right away the air pollution shrouding us, whether indoor or outdoor,” Ms. Cayetano said during a public health forum hosted by the Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Southeast Asia at the National Children’s Hospital last June 6. She said emissions from vehicles are the major sources of pollution in Metro Manila, while “Particulate Matter (PM)” or dust also contribute to the poor air quality. “Knowing that air pollution is now the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, the problem is not just environmental; it is environment, health, socioeconomic caused by human activities, hence it can be solved by humans if we work together. Let us all act to clean the air,” Ms. Cayetano stressed. EPSL is under the University of the Philippines Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology. The Philippines observes June as Environment Month in line with the annual June 5 World Environment Day.