MANUAL | Southeast Asia Green Hospital Awards Program

An opportunity for members and potential Global Green and Healthy Hospital (GGHH) members in the region to earn regional recognition for their efforts towards a greener, more sustainable, and climate-resilient healthcare systems.

Developed by the GGHH program in Southeast Asia, the Green Hospital Awards Program is a regional platform that aims to highlight the sustainability actions being undertaken by the member hospitals and health care institutions and to promote the impact of their works to the overall goal of GGHH. 

The SEA Green Hospital Awards Program specifically aims to:
  1. Recognize the sustainability actions the GGHH Southeast Asia members have accomplished and the efforts they initiated in monitoring their environmental footprint;
  2. Award the members that take advanced measures to contribute in the reduction of carbon footprint of the health sector;
  3. Inspire and encourage hospitals and health care institutions to strive for continuous and impactful actions to transform the health sector as well as measure their environmental footprint to account for reduction in the overall carbon emission of the sector;
  4. Expand and sustain active engagement in the GGHH Southeast Asia network;
  5. and Utilize the Hippocrates Data Forms in reporting and monitoring data.


If you are a certified GGHH member from Southeast Asia, you are eligible to join this program.Please fill-in this form:

Those that are not yet members but are interested to have their efforts recognized, please submit a letter of intent to join the GGHH Network.

For more information regarding this initiative, please email: 

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