HEALTHY ENERGY INITIATIVE (INDIA) | “No Vaccine For Climate Change” - A communication guide on Climate Change and Health for Healthcare Professionals in India

Healthy Energy Initiative India, in partnership with health organizations, has launched a first of its kind guidance document – “No Vaccine for Climate Change – A Communication Guide on Climate and Health for the Healthcare Professionals in India”. The document is designed to “prepare healthcare workers for various conversations around climate change and subsequent health impacts with their patients, communities and to respond to stakeholders like media, legislators, policymakers and a range of various communication purposes.

“This communication guide is particularly designed to inform the health workers. Together, we have a unique opportunity to help people understand that the same pollution that compromises respiratory health also drives climate change, and, more importantly, spread the word to promote carbon-neutral practices and infrastructure in the health sector.” – Dr. Ravikant Singh, Founder, Doctors For You.

The guidance document is a result of an outcome of the largest study of the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Health Care Professionals on Climate Change in India. The findings of the study released in February 2021, indicated that while 93% of health professionals knew the basics of climate change, only about 55% of them actively raised awareness or participated in climate change related activities and events.

Based on the responses, the study provided recommendations to – effectively build capacity among healthcare professionals and advocates, emphasized on the need to provide nuanced information of the multiple ways (direct, indirect and through economic and social disruption) in which health could be adversely impacted due to climate change. It further recommended that Climate Change and health impacts should be a subject in the medical curriculum for education of healthcare professionals from all streams and specializations; Healthcare professionals should be provided with information and training on the international negotiations on climate treaties, especially the Paris Agreement; and Detailed information regarding State and National Action Plans on Climate Change and Human Health, in an easy-to-understand format.

“Health professionals are both trusted communicators and important actors when it comes to protecting public health. It is only fitting, then, that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to tackle the biggest health challenge of the 21st century, climate change. This communications guide – “No Vaccine for Climate Change” is designed to prepare health and care workers for various conversations around climate change, and its impacts on the health of their patients and their community.” – Dr. Maria Neira, Director Public Health, WHO

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