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Under the Health Care Without Harm banner are various sub-groups and partnerships that aim to expand HCWH's aim of making health care greener and safer. Help make a difference by spreading awareness on the following issues and campaigns: 

Mercury-Free Health Care

Stand with us. Be a health environmentalist! Go mercury-free. Join the WHO-HCWH Global Initiative to phase-out mercury-based medical devices:

Burn Not - Philippines: The Campaign Against Medical Waste Incineration

Turn away from medical waste incineration, support the campaign against medical waste incineration.  Here’s how:

1. Make that bold statement against medical waste incineration. Unfurl the Burn Not banner on your hospital facade. Download the banner here.

2. Play any of our Burn Not videos in the waiting area of your hospital, or embed them in your website or Facebook page:  


Greener Hospitals 

To aid hospitals clean up their medical practices and waste management, HCWH founded the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH). The network is a community of hospitals, health systems, and organizations who are dedicated to the pursuit of greener health care. You and your organization can be part of the solution! Join the network by following the link below: